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Blast From the Past: Oregon Trail

I had one of my longer surfs this week when I proposed an idea for a game for the interactive design firm I work for. Though the client shall remain nameless for the moment, I can say that what I proposed be similar to a flash-based version of the The Oregon Trail. At first I thought this was an eclectic reference at best, but much to my surprise everyone at the table new exactly what I was talking about. Was it that popular. Even my friend Mike over at spacematic had heard of it because it was installed at his school (and apparently had been hacked at some point to say things shocking to younger ears). The idea was met with a good reception, so I went looking for this old relic — with the personal motivation of maybe finding an emulation and playing it! A google search for “The Oregon Trail Game” resulted in some “I’m feeling lucky” kismet and a site called ClassicGaming.com. Sure enough their article pointed me to an emulator and a disk image for the game. Unfortunately, as with most software links on the net, this emulator was for windoze. The disk image was still good for a Mac-based emulator and I would suggest using OSXII.

[on a side note, I was kept from finishing this entry for about an hour because while fetching the URLs I also found a choplifter disk for my new Apple II emulator. Will it never end!? There’s just nothing like video game nostalgia.]

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