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My good friend over at Spacematic has rung in against Savetoby.com — a site that is holding a rabbit for ransom — sort of. It is descpicable in his words. And as he said, some of us in the blog community have described the act as “brilliant”. I have to admit that I am indeed one of those — tentatively, that is. The real question in my mind is whether or not Mr. Savetoby.com does the deed in June. That would be sad. And unfortunately I think that many of the people who donated to the cause of not having Toby cooked would be justifiably perturbed. I think the likely outcome is that this spoofer will tell the world that even though he didn’t get the 50k he wanted he did make enough money to take care of Toby and so won’t consume him. I don’t know, something about the tenor of the whole site makes me think that it’s got to be a joke.

[ Incidentally, I put this under culture jamming because it is extremely interesting to me how a web site like this really tests the boundaries of what society considers acceptable. Nothing about the site is technically illegal and yet judging from the hate mail there are obviously quite a few people who feel that this is some form of extortion or fraud. ]

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