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Five Years Old

Wow! Banapana is now officially five years old, the first post (aptly being titled as much) happened on January 13th, 2005. I was stunned at this past New Year’s Eve that it was really 2010. 2010 was a year that always lay beyond the horizon of the millennium—it seemed so far away. But here we are. And more laughably, I suppose, I’ve been blogging about it all since 2005—not something I would have suspected in 2000 (though I suppose I knew I’d be doing something on the web). This blog has never really been quite what other blogs were (or are). I consider Banpana less of a blog (web log) and more of a repository of editorial pieces (many of them really short). One of these days I’ll get around to incorporating Delicious into the site so that I can gather links relevant to the topics here a little more easily… but alas, graduate school will always win the day—as it rightly should. Nonetheless, I think now is the time to set some goals for Banapana for the next year. For one, as I have become more and more immersed in Computational Cognitive Science I’ve begun to see more and more conncetions to the things I care about here at Banapana; namely, the effects of media on our thinking. To that extent, one goal I have this year for Banapana is to get a little more concrete about things—to bring to bare some of the cutting-edge science that I read about on a regular basis for research. As an admired alumni said once, “Make it all one thing,” and that is exactly where I would like to drive this operation: toward unison with my graduate work.

So, thanks for reading, and see you soon!

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