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Honesty Actually Exists on Television

I love the late night shows. I love the irreverence, the stupidity of the comedy, the simple fact of being part of a group of people whom are night owls and maybe savvy enough to get political humor (i.e. Daily Show and Colbert Report). And there’s a ranking to what I like. But regardless of what ranking I could list here, there is a factor, an element, that only Craig Ferguson possesses. The genuineness of what he does is evident every night, every day of the week. I know Jon Stewart loves what he does; I know Colbert does, too. Maybe Conan still enjoys it. But beyond enjoying, Craig Ferguson sincerely wants to remain among us, to be like us, to avoid celebrity. He is amazingly honest about his personal life; at the same level as a novelist. And still he can make a joke, or not really make a joke, but just remain funny, about his own, most desperate of personal situations. These two monologues will convince you that he deserves the title “The Most Honest Man on Television.”

Craig on the Death of His Father

Craig on his own difficulties with alcoholism and his empathy for others with problems

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