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Bill Gates on “Creative Capitalism”

Oh boy. File this under the-hypocrisy-is-drowning-me. Watching Bill Gates politely espouse the benefits of “creative capitalism1 while being mostly widely known as the founder of the corporation that has single-handedly destroyed the productivity of billions of individuals—it’s just to much for me to take. My fury borders on that of Joe Mathlete’s exhaustive anger towards Marmaduke. This kind of wow-you-have-no-idea-do-you bafflement washes over me when I hear Gates waxing about doing good. Look, to the man’s credit, he has—in a Robin Hood sort of way—funneled billions from corporations and is now in the process of phase 2, giving the money to the poor. But the idea that Windows was ever any good makes me vomit.

  1. Why does Time magazine feel the need to belittle the concept of creativity by associating it with what is essentially corporate socialism? I’m not against the idea that corporations should do much more to help their communities and the less fortunate, but calling that “creative” is akin to calling giving your change to a homeless person “creative.” Yeah. Oooooh. Giving away your loose change? Brilliant! 

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