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Monopoly; Repackaged

Recently debated here at Banapana and elsewhere was the question: is graphic design art? As I stated before, I think that graphic design is a craft and that it can achieve art when it is practiced with mastery. 1 One example of that sort of mastery can be found on Andy Mangold’s site where he has re-designed the monopoly game packaging. It is a stunning as well as functional re-design. It is, in short, a mastery of the craft. The aesthetic changes would increase the perceived value of the game, and the re-organization of the game pieces simply makes it easier to take care of and play. Brilliant.

And for those of you who have been looking for a good Monopoly strategy, I suggest you take a look at this simple instructive video.

source: Daring Fireball

  1. Not to belabor the point, but mastering a craft and creating fine art are not the same thing. Fine art has a singular purpose that has nothing to do with function or communication; which craft and design are concerned with. Anyway, you can read my thoughts on the matter

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