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That Change You Ordered? Comin’ Up!

The Obama transition team launched this new web site, Change.gov in order to keep the public informed on the transition team’s decisions and news. They are also soliciting information from the public—so go tell them what you think! I, for one, think that this web site, among other statements that President-elect Obama has made about making government transparent is a fantastic sign of things to come.1 Take a look at the current White House web site and try to imagine what it’s going to look in the next year—a new generation is what. Given the large amount of importance that online efforts played in the President-elect’s campaign, I think we can expect it to play a large role in his administration.

  1. Not to mention his significant support for the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act that would actually create a searchable database of Federal spending open to the public. Talk about accountability! 

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