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Fame Done Right

As a blog concerned with the effect of the media on the mind, it’s hard not to be concerned with the effects of fame on the populace and the individuals that enjoy fame. My niece is currently loving Calvin and Hobbes which caused me to look into Bill Watterson, the author. In a question and answer session, upon the release of his “Complete Calvin and Hobbes (Amazon link)” publication, readers posted questions to him and he answered. The pragmatic nature of the answer to this reader’s question impresses me.

Alan Taylor from Lubbock, TX writes:
“You have been very persistent in not becoming a public figure, and I respect that a great deal. Is there anything you would wish to tell the fans who do not understand your wishes and why it is important to you not to claim the spotlight?”
Watterson: My impression is that those who don’t get it, don’t care to get it.”

I wish reclusiveness would become a useful marketing strategy. To not have to hear the Famous pine would be a silence we’ve not known in generations. I don’t think we’d recognize the peace for what it was.

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