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How to Make No Epic Mistakes?

Strange coincidence or am I just a comics nerd? After reading an article on “The Ten Epic Superhero Movie Mistakes” and all the while nodding my head in complete agreement (especially the bit about Joel Schumacher—Scumacher is an idiot clown boytard)—it was awesomely refreshing to see the Watchmen movie trailer. No, refreshing is not the word. Maybe astounding or insanely cool. For those that don’t know, Alan Moore‘s graphic novel “The Watchmen” is one of the great comic masterpieces. Yes, it’s about superheroes, but it’s plot’s complexity and the depth of the issues that it tackles make it so much more than a comic book. It truly earns the monkier graphic novel. So, it’s safe to say that there’s a lot of squeamishness involved in finding out that those responsible for aforementioned epic mistakes have decided to put their hands on this work of art. Just judging from the trailer (and from 3001, another film directed by Zack Snyder) this looks to be right on the mark and very true to the original. As Cleversimon said on twitter, “My day, she is made.”

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