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Random Google Search of the Day

I was testing out Inquisitor in Safari (which I highly recommend and which now available for Firefox and IE—you’ll never go back to regular seaches.) and I started out by typing a boring “Hello”. The results were boring: Hello Magazine at the top. Then I followed it with “kitty” (it’s my subconscious, don’t ask) and the updated results were not particularly interesting either, so I got a little intense and typed “inquisition.” It was probably primed in my memory from thinking about Inquisitor, but you gotta admit, “Hello kitty inquisition” is a pretty good search term. The result you ask? The Warhammer 40K, Hello Kitty Sisters of Battle brigade. If you never played big tabletop games as a kid, you may not want to know, but for those of us who were into the miniatures, this is downright hilarious. I would just love to see some ubergeek pwned by the Sisters of Battle. Pink tanks… oo-rah!

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