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Do Advertisers Deserve Privacy?

Look for teeth whitening products and your bound to come across this lovely page: Best Teeth Whitening Products – Compare, Buy, Review the Best Teeth Whiteners. How nice! Someone has gone out and tried all these products and reviewed them and put them in the best order. I wonder who would do that—maybe I want to thank them for doing the gumshoeing for me. Hmm. No byline. No email. No instant messaging name. Land’s sake! No company name or phone number. Well, that piqued my curiosity. And what do you suppose happens when you whois http://www.best-teeth-whitening.com/ neighbors? That’s right. Nothing! The domain is actually registered by proxy through (guess) Domains By Proxy, Inc. Now ask yourself, why go to all the trouble to write a review of products and then take no credit, and obfuscate who you, in fact, are. The smartest in the class will get this quick. And frankly, I think this kind of crap should be just as illegal on the web as it is on TV or anywhere else. It is false advertising, pure and simple.

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