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A Ways to Go to Cradle to Cradle

The main point about Global Warming that needs to sink in (honestly even if you believe that it’s merely a natural phenomenon) is that the planet is a limited system with definite capacities to support us. By 2050 the Earth is going to have to support 9.5 billion people. This means doing more than just labeling things as “green” as several big box retailers are doing. It means a lot more, because 9.5 billion people can’t all hop in their SUVs and head down to Wal-mart and still have this whole ecosystem-thing work out well. We need to completely re-evaluate the way we go about doing everything. For instance, it’s not just that the big box retailers are or are not hawking green goods; it’s that their business model necessitates large locations that require shoppers to drive further to get to. That, in turn means massive parking lots that destroy valuable oxygen generating plant-spaces. Being sustainable is not just being green. It means that a company needs to examine how it can remodel its business so that nothing is wasted. Our failure to do it will be our undoing. But you know, it just occurred to me, with all that roof space, there’s plenty of room for a damn big rooftop garden.

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