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Damn and Here I Bought the T-shirt

A while back I wrote an article on the apparent development of a new meme: “creative communist”. Let’s just say I was an early adopter (I bought the t-shirt). At the time I had written that article I noted that “Today, on Google, the search ‘creative communist’ or ‘creative commie’ returns 1800 results.” And in an update on that same article I noted that 16 days later the same search resulted in only 1700 results. Today I decided to look into how this little meme was doing and I got 615 search results. I suppose there’s a minimum to this sort of thing. I mean as long as banapana is around there will be a few references to the specific phrase. But there’s no doubt that this little meme is losing steam and in a year has lost half of its search results.

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