Our minds on media.

Musings on the effects of media on cognition.

Oh, Helvetica. My Helvetica.

Ah, Helvetica. How I love the labor you effortlessly accomplish; the simple visual communitcation you convey without flourish or pretension. I love your proportions and your apparent lack of cultural bias. I love your worldliness–even when they desecrate you with drop shadows.

But oh, Helvetica, how I hate thee, Helvetica. How I despise your affair with global corporations who wish to twist your ability to neutrally clarify with their malopropisms and meaningless drivel and bullshit. How I despise how you have come to stand for all their madness and become a symbol for all that is “serious.” How I grown impatient with your conformity. Helvetica, I think it’s time you retired. But first, a biopic.

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