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The Carry-over ad Carries On

I think the first ad of this kind that I ever spotted (at least the first one that ever managed to catch my attention) was the seewhathappensnext.com from Mitsubushi (or was it Nissan)—it doesn’t appear to be up any longer at any rate? Anyway, the general concept is to hook a viewer with the 30 second spot and then get them to jump online to feed them more information/propaganda. We’ve got two of these so far: The MacDonald’s Lincoln Fry commercial and site and the GoDaddy.com see-the-uncensored-version-of-the-spot. It really didn’t need to be censored anyway (yawn). The technique makes sese; squeeze too much into a 30 second ad and risk overwhelming your viewer. But build suspense with a hook and you throw much more information at them on the site.

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