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The risks of staying in Iraq: War with Iran, Syria

From Digg:

“Greenwald lays out the obvious ulterior motive that neo-conservatives have in keeping US forces in Iraq: War with Iran. It is time to stop assuming honesty on the part of Occupation Supporters, particularly the Kagans and Kristols of the pundit set. These people were willing to lie the public into one unnecessary war, why not two?”

I don’t usually ask people to Digg articles, but it’s a damn good way to get the word out, and more people need to understand the real risks of not leaving Iraq: war with Iran. Salon does an excellent job of laying out this risk. Avoiding confusion or chaos in Iraq is now long besides the point. There is confusion and chaos in Iraq. Our departure will not worsen it, and even if does, it takes war with Iran off the table. It would be a simple thing for desperate neoconservatives to engineer should they want to, on their way out—and they do want to. Digg this Salon article and help get people thinking about the real reason for withdrawing our troops.

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