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Too Much TV Think in Banner Ads

So you’re designing a banner ad for your web site. What clever idea could you come up that would catch someone’s attenton? Or better yet, what completely annoying, jumpy animation techniques could you use to force people to look at your ad? How about you did none of the above and instead created a remote tool? Monster.com has it right with their series of ads. Almost. Yes, what better way to get traffic to your site than incorporate a tool from your site right into your banners? But why assume the arrogant position that your tool/ad is important enough to take someone away from what they’re really there to look at. I mean, the ad’s in Flash right? The response from the tool should be incorporated right into the ad. The user should have to go anywhere. My gut feeling is that if an ad were truly useful to the user it would generate quite a bit of good will — you know, the kind Google has because they’re so considerate of their users.

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