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Coolest Obama Quote Yet

It’s a quote like this, from Obama’s interview with Rolling Stone that reminds me how smart he is. It’s one thing to see him being spirited and stoic in front of a crowd of thousands, but it’s another thing to see this side of him; the deft and strategic thinker.

In what way will people underestimate you as president? [Long pause] Because I tend to be a pretty courteous person and I don’t lose my temper, I think people underestimate my willingness to mix it up. I don’t know if they’ll continue to underestimate that after this campaign, but I think you’ll still get columns saying, “He’s too cool, he’s too soft.” [Laughs] That’s OK, actually. You like being underestimated in that way. Yeah. No point in having them see you coming.

I don’t think McCain subscribes to that point of view.

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