Our minds on media.

Musings on the effects of media on cognition.

General Update

It’s been pretty dead over hear at Banapana, I realize, but there’s a great reason. Last night I submitted my first ever academic paper to Cognitive Science Society for the 2009 conference. I am very excited about that, but it took a LOT of work and posting to the old blog is one of those things that just has to suffer a little. However, the work on the paper did inspire me to begin to move Banapana in a slightly more technical direction. I feel the need to discuss “minds on media” in more than an anecdotal fashion. So, in the coming weeks I’m going to start discussing some of the psych literature with regard to media’s effects on the human mind (and maybe monkey, dolphin and parrot minds) alongside the usual string of posts that bare some subjective relevance (i.e. in my opinion) to the topic at hand here; namely, what is our media doing to our brains? 1

  1. For anyone interested in the recently submitted paper, it’s not got much to do with the goings-on here. It is a paper about modeling learning and search with Bayesian hierarchical models. In due time I will post it over at my personal site (russellbits.com). If you would like a heads-up when it goes live, please email me

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