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New Levels of Stinginess Probed By Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch is going to take his ball and go home. In a recent interview, he informed all that he intends to eventually block Google and some other search engines from indexing his News Corp. sites and then start charging for content. Apparently, Murdoch has been taking a nap for the last some odd ten years. More ridiculous still, Murdoch seems to have a problem with fair use itself, making claims towards dismantling it. I think it would be a good psychology study to look at what number of billions of dollars actually makes a person completely lose their grasp on reality—it can’t just be one billion. Cory Doctorow’s analysis of the situation is dead on over at BoingBoing along with the best quote I’ve read in weeks:

“So good luck with that, Rupert. have a delightful, Howard-Hughesian dotage, acting out a crazed, Moby-Dick dumbshow against the Internet…”

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