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World in Crisis, Pandora Still Rocks

With all the bad news lately, I decided it was time to put together an upbeat punk-pop-rock station on Pandora so at least something sounded kind of happy, if not peppy-mad. The thing is, I could think of a few bands I wanted to seed this one with, among them, The Ting Tings and Metric—both good at being mad with an upbeat sound; rebels all. But there was this other band… swedish, I think. I hadn’t listened to them in years and just couldn’t think of the name, even though I knew it was really simple. Well, three songs into listening to my new station who comes up but the Sounds! Wow. The very band I couldn’t recall. Pandora borders on psychic when it does stuff like this. By far the best music web site out there, folks. Tune into my new station and check it out for yourself!

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