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Fringe is Good

Wow. I was extremely impressed with “Fringe,” the new J. J. Abrams series. He’s basically updated the X-files, and this time there will be a story arc with an end. Even the “science” in the show as a has an excellent Crichton-level amount of plausibility. The acting is solid. A scene in which Anna Torv (as Olivia Dunham) is crying in the back of an ambulance will absolutely tug at your heart strings, and you won’t believe why she’s crying. in fact, I don’t want to say too much else about because it’s an excellent suspense show and it seems like any detail would keep it from being as good as it is. The twists are numerous and really leave you guessing. So, click the “Read more” link and watch the first two minutes. You’ll be hooked.

Of note as well. On the breaks you’ll notice some interesting symbols. There’s definitely something to them. It looks like Fringe is going to have a nice ARG to go along with it.

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