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Dear Social Networks…

Yeah. Social-Butterfly-no-more should be the name of this category. When I signed up for your stupid service—which you only goaded me into signing up for by getting all my friends to sign up—you didn’t know I was watching. But that’s right, when I signed up for your service, I used an email address specific to you. Like yourservice@mydomain.com

So guess what? When you sold my email to cybercoders.com or some other crap web site, I knew about it. And that is why we are parting ways. You treat my privacy like you own it. But I’m one step ahead of you.

And that, friends of mine, is why I am not on Friendster or Linkedin or Facebook anymore and won’t be signing up again to get your invitations. Sorry if my email address is too inconvenient, but as they say, if you’re not paying someone for the product, then the product is you. The best social network is the one you build yourself.

Don’t believe me? Ask Chris Hardwick

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