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A Fine Quote From an Observant Comedian

Over at NNDB, they’re “tracking the world”. I have no idea what that means. In fact, I have no idea what NNDB stands for. Nonetheless, this exceptionally vague web site provided this very interesting insight by Steve Carell:

“I do a segment [on The Daily Show] called ‘Ad Nauseam’ and sometimes we take a shot at advertisers who advertise on the show, and they object. Comedy Central will say, ‘You can’t do that, we don’t want to lose that ad revenue.’ I was talking to Jon Stewart the other day about how we can say anything about the President of the United States. We can say that he is having sex with little boys […] and yet we cannot go after McDonald’s. There is something strange about that.”

I really miss “Ad Nauseam”. Now I see why it was so consistently sharp.

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