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Go Trackback Yourself

Most bloggers I read regularly pretty much write their entries and then move on. I myself, like to occasionally cull through what I’ve written about previously and from time to time update my entries. I think this in part stems from the fact that I’m often frustrated when I read a news story and a few months later try to find out how it resolved only to find nothing. It would be nice if news organizations regularly made RSS feeds for individual stories so that you could find the occasional update. Oh well. I suppose as long as thoroughness is dead, the least I can do is try to keep my own stuff up to date. And when I was thinking about how I wanted to go about this I realized that trackbacking isn’t just a nice tool for site-to-site interaction but also intrasite temporal interaction. Now when I update some entry that I wrote a while back, I trackback that entry with the new entry. That way anyone looking at the old entry (having come in from a search engine or what not) will know that new thoughts/facts are available.

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