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On may 11th, I (finally) finished up a bachelor of science in economics that I had postponed back in 1997! You can check out a few photos of the official event here. I never ever planned on graduating from Clemson University. I grew up in the vicinity of that institution and some rebellious teenage instinct kept me from ever considering it a place to attend. But I have to say that in the last year and a half I found a new appreciation for both the University and the students there. Clemson has made a serious endeavor to become a nationally ranked top 20 public university and with all the activity there, it really looks like they could pull it off. I have been especially impressed with the efforts of the current president Jim Barker. I wish them the best of luck! But one of the nice things about graduating from the University where your father teaches mathematics (aside from lots of free lunches) is the hug you getat the end of the graduation line. So, at least now, some of the posts you read here about economics will have slightly more validity!

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