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Live Taste Taste

Okay. The commercial got to me. I’m not sure how because it’s not that good a commercial. But the message that Coke Zero tastes just like the real thing weaseled its way down into my brain and waited until I saw that the vending machine had it and now, here we are. I have here in front of me my first ever Coca-cola Zero. I am going to open it and have a sip and then express my thoughts off the cuff (hope it doesn’t kill me). Ready? [sip]

Well, not coca-cola, exactly. Pretty close. It seems more carbonated and there’s almost a—well, it’s not as sweet is what it is. I’m looking at the ingredients and you know what?—it’s kind of odd to consume something that has absolutely zero calories. If something has zero calories then there’s nothing that your body can use, right? So, Coca-cola zero is a pure taste simulation. I guess that’s not entirely true, I see here it has caffeine. Shoot. I’ve been trying to cut caffiene out of my diet. Oh well, back to Sierra Mist—they’re funnier anyway.

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