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Sincere Patriotism?

[Disclaimer: I’ve done work for Anheuser-Busch, just so you know. I think it’s probably the only time that I’ve drank their beer (because it was free)] More on the superbowl ads: Anheuser-Busch produced an ad in which soldiers walking through an airport are applauded by citizens. I’m extremely anti-corporate and believe in the the war-corporatism theory but I have to say that the effort felt sincere. Throw your logo up at the end, fine. Of course, what I really liked about the ad was the notion of soldiers coming home. It would definitely be nice to see that. But before all else, if I were standing around in an airport and soldiers walked by, they would receive my applause. And because of that I have to applaud Anheuser-Busch for looking beyond a 2.4 million dollar opportunity to merely endorse their product and attempt to say something serious with their time.

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