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What’s My Prize for Being the 100,000th Person to Say that Photoshop Blows

Now and then Daring Fireball throws a link my way that, for the thousandth time, reminds me how glad I am I don’t deal with Adobe software anymore. They have literally reached the heights of Microsoft-level disdain for ugliness and shoddiness. I mean, when an entire blog is dedicated to illustrating how much your software stinks, how do you not make a clean-up effort? Photoshop started doing SO much that I didn’t need it to do and started getting in my way so badly version after version that I finally made the permanent switch to Acorn. Photoshop and Illustrator were the only programs on my machine that crashed with any regularity (and it was regular—almost clockwork). I probably wouldn’t have been able to rid myself of those curses if I were still a professional designer, but as a free-ranging artist, I have the pleasure of not running any of Adobe’s bloatware on my machine anymore.

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