Our minds on media.

Musings on the effects of media on cognition.


I’ve had quite a few debates with editors and various other people over the correct spelling of the word yeah.  It is not y-a-y.  That is the cheer, as in “Yay! Meatballs again.”  And it’s not y-a, as in “Ya’ know”—or the contraction for you.  But some people remain unconvinced and I think the best way to illustrate the point is to listen very carefully to the way the word is pronounced in Fargo.  Enjoy.

By the by, I put this lovely little posting in Meme Safari because Andy Balo over at waxy.org says he’s identified a new meme—the supercut.  Check out his article on the supercut to see more wonderful and ridiculous edits of movies and shows.  And even though it technically doesn’t fit the supercut mememold, I’m just going to mention the Vader Sessions again because it’s still hilarious.

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