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Who Can We Trust?

It is sad and frustrating to see the the current amount of money (Scratch that, our kids’ money) is now costing the US more than the Marshall Plan, the Louisiana Purchase, the Apollo missions, the S&L Crisis, the Korean War, The New Deal, the Invasion of Iraq, the Vietnam War, and NASA combined. Yes, you read that right. Barry Ritholtz of the Big Picture, points out that even adjusted for inflation, the Bailout costs more than all of these great projects. I can’t believe the press is at all satisfied with calling this “the Bailout.” How about we all start referring to it as the Black Hole or maybe That Enormous Sucking Sound. It makes me eve more angry to watch this video of Patrick Schiff (my new favorite econnomist) getting scoffed at by the Idiotry of the Media—some people call them the Punditry. I hope it’s not too late to learn a lesson or two from his book, Crash Proof. Still though, the idea that the television is so populated by morons giving advice only more greatly encourages me not to turn the damn thing on anymore. “The Idiot Box” doesn’t just describe who’s watching it.

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