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Corporate Media Gets the Game

Picked this story up from Buzz Machine. Chevy is the latest of the big corporations trying to get a piece of the Live Web (more affectionately known to the technorati as Web 2.0) The New York Times reports that Chevy has launched a site that allows web users to make their own ads. Splendid. User participation. Excellent. Of course, when you do that sort of thing people are always apt to use the opportunity to criticize. Strangely enough, despite the harsh words from some participants, Chevy’s media company is taking the whole thing in stride.

“We anticipated that there would be critical submissions,” Ms. Tezanos said. “You do turn over your brand to the public, and we knew that we were going to get some bad with the good. But it’s part of playing in this space.”

I second Buzz Machine in saying I’m impressed that they get it. Nice to see that the big guys do occasionally play nice.

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